fundraising events for 2019 – 2020

Please note the following information around the fundraising commitment from each family as part of our program:

Each family will submit a $125 cheque postdated for June 1 of the school year that their child is enrolled, which will be cashed if families do not participate in fundraising opportunities made available. Participation is defined as each family bringing in a total return to the program of a minimum of $125 though as few or as many of the opportunities made available as they choose. For example, with this year’s options in September, if a family returns a total order of $100 through the Colibri program, which has a 50% return, that family has only $75 left to fundraise throughout the remainder of the school year

A running total will be provided to each family upon request by emailing the fundraising coordinator at Please note the following fundraiser, which have already been confirmed; updates as to fundraisers in the New Year will follow as they are confirmed

Questions: Email

Last dates to submit orders: 21st of each month or the last day of class before
Most programs see orders returned approximately 2 weeks from final order date.

Forecasted Fundraising for 2019/2020

September – June
Scholastic Canada – Book Club Orders – 15-40% dependant on total of group order

Posted by Les Petits Pieds Preschool on Friday, September 7, 2018

Posted by Les Petits Pieds Preschool on Friday, September 7, 2018


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