Fees / Supplies


Registration Fee (Non Refundable)

Fundraising Fee

  • Required each new school year
  • The cheque must be postdated for the last month of the school year
  • The cheque will only be processed if the parents do NOT participate in the preschool fundraising activities
  • Les Petits Pieds Preschool is a non-profit organization, donations are welcome and tax receipts can be issued

Monthly Fees
   $145.00 (two days per week)
   $200.00 (three days per week)

  • Completed direct withdrawal forms collected at the time of registration
  • Required for each month of the school year
  • Required for each student
  • Required each new school year
  • Required in order to confirm registration and enrollment

NSF Policy

  • A minimum $50.00 fee will be charged for all NSF payments
  • Additional banking charges may apply
  • An executive board member will contact the parent/guardian to notify of the NSF, and will indicate the total amount due. Payment must be made in full within one week
    Les Petits Pieds Preschool also reserves the right to require cash-only payments at our discretion
  • Students with delinquent accounts risk not being permitted to attend Les Petits Pieds Preschool until the account is up to date.


  • One complete change of clothing (labeled)
  • One pair of indoor (non-marking) runners (fire regulations require children to wear shoes at all times while indoors)
  • Weather appropriate attire (i.e. sunhat, mittens, rubber boots, etc.)