Our Teachers

We love our teachers, they are all francophone and came from various backgrounds before becoming educators. We know when you leave your child in their hands, the experience will be warm, loving and educational for your child.


Madame Josée

After having attended both the University of Waterloo and the University of Ottawa, Madame Josée pursued a career in the field of biomedical research where she also had the privilege of teaching undergraduate students. During this time she developed a passion for teaching others.

After the birth of her son, Madame Josée realized that she loved spending time with younger children and decided to combine her passion for teaching with her love of young children. After a few years at home with her son, Madame Josée started working at Les Petits Pieds Preschool in 2009 as an Early Childhood Educator. During this time, she has also been pursuing an education in the field of Early Learning and Childcare at Bow Valley College.

Having grown up in a bilingual environment, Madame Josée understands what a wonderful gift it is to be able to expose children to more than one language at an early age. She enjoys observing children as they quickly gain confidence in both the French and English languages.

Madame Josée believes that learning activities aimed at preschool aged children should be play-based and always fun. Her curriculum focuses not only on language development, but also on cognitive, emotional, social, gross and fine motor development. Every year, Madame Josée takes time to observe the children in her class, finds out what their interests are and plans activities based on what they enjoy doing. This ensures that learning is always exciting and fun for the child.

Madame Josée and the children in her classes enjoy crafts, songs, games, outdoor play, sensory experiences (sand, water, play dough, ect.) and imaginary play with costumes and puppets. They also explore their ABCs and 123s and learn new French vocabulary on a daily basis.

One of Madame Josée’s favourite quotes from a child in her class is “Madame Josée, this is more fun than going to Toys-R-Us.”

Madame Karine

Hello, I am, Karine Pilon. I am a native of Saint-Jérôme,  Quebec.   I moved to Airdrie in 2015 with my spouce and two daughters; who attend francophone school. At the age of 15 I had the opportunity to do my 10th year in Canmore and discovered an environment and a province that I wanted to introduce my little family to.

I studied Industrial Relations at the University of Montreal. Shortly after graduating, we moved to Alberta. I did a lot of volunteer work at the francophone school when we arrived, while my daughter was attending Preschool Les Petits Pieds. I then discovered a passion for working with children and I reoriented my career to become an aid to francization at nursery school. When I do not work, I’m helping kindergarten students at the francophone school three days a week.

I like the dynamics in the classroom and the contagious energy of the children around me. They motivate me to give the best of myself and to always innovate to find new ways to help them learn the French language. What I like above all is to sing with children, because they learn so fast and have fun at the same time.


Madame Ann

Her name is Ann Perreault, but the children call her Madame Ann (which is easier for them to pronounce). She has been working as a Francisation Aide since January 2010, but before this, was living in Quebec and working as an Orthotist at a Montreal pediatric hospital. She has a diploma in Orthotics and Prosthetics, is an active person and has been practicing English Riding since childhood.

Madame Ann loves her job as a Francisation Aide. To be able to work again with children is a real pleasure. Her work consists of selecting stimulating games to develop the chidren’s French vocabulary. She takes the children in groups of three or four and plays with them in French, emphasising their strengths and weaknesses. The kids love it!

Children who need more practice of the French language or who have speech problems, will get special attention. By the end of the school year, the children acquire a good foundation of the French language and insert two to three words of French in their sentences, which is very gratifying for Madame Ann.

Madame Marie

My name is Marie-Josée Hébert and I was born in northeastern New Brunswick.  My family and I moved to Airdrie in 2015.   I have two teenage children who attend the École Francophone d’Airdrie. 

I have a Bachelor degree in Respiratory Therapy and I also have the Child Development Assistant course. I work Tuesdays and Thursdays at the preschool and I also work as a Registered Respiratory Therapist at a Pulmonary clinic in Calgary.

I enjoy working with children.  I love that no single day at work is the same!  I love helping kids develop their creativity in a fun environment.  My goal when going to work is to help kids achieve their full potential and to help them feel happier and better about themselves.

Madame Pam

Madame Pam grew up in Blanc-Sablon, a little village north of Quebec. At 18, she left her hometown to complete her College studies in Montreal where she obtained a diploma in Office System Technology. Since jobs were rare in this industry she was employed by a multination company where she worked for 10 years and held various Marketing and Asset Management positions.

By 2009, Madame Pam had 2 boys. Over the years, having been surrounded by multiple children, she discovered an unconditional love towards children. Children love her, they sense her maternal instinct, her kindness and her desire to help them grow socially and academically.

In fall 2014, Madame Pam left the Montreal area to establish herself in Alberta. Madame Pam and her family were ready to live a new adventure and offer her children the opportunity to become bilingual at an early age. Both her children attend L’École francophone d’Airdrie. Madame Pam loves Airdrie as it is family oriented and offers a multitude of exterior activities, which is important to her.

Madame Pam enjoys seeing children evolve the way they do in preschool.