Cooper P.

“I have 3 children; my oldest did not attend the preschool because I was not aware Les Petits Pieds Preschool existed. So when he started Kindergarten in École Francophone d’Airdrie, it took him until Christmas to understand the language around him.

My middle child was able to attend Les Petits Pieds Preschool’s 4 year old program and has entered Kindergarten this year. What a difference it has made! She already has a base understanding and is so happy to go to school. Now she is even starting to speak a little French at home.

I believe Les Petits Pieds Preschool gives your child the edge to slowly start to feel comfortable around a new language with very loving teachers. My youngest now attends the 3 year old program and I am sure that having two years under his belt by the time he attends École Francophone d’Airdrie will only be to his benefit. I enjoyed the teachers and my children love them.”

Candace H.

“3 of my 4 kids have/are attending Les Petits Pieds Preschool and they love every minute of it. Every morning that they have school they can hardly wait to go. I love the student/teacher ratio, and the teachers are happy to help you with anything, so that you can help your child. I don’t speak French, but I’m made to feel welcome and encouraged that I have the ability to help my children. Thank you Mme. Anne, Mme. Maude, and Mme. Sylvie, without teachers like you the preschool wouldn’t be the same.”

Laura S.

“We’ve had 3 of our children attend Les Petits Pieds Preschool in the past 3 years, they love the teachers and never want to leave. By the time we get in the truck, there already asking when they can come back. The teachers are EXCELLENT! They teach our kids in a loving, caring, respectful environment. We love the transition from preschool into the Francophone school. It’s much easier for our children, knowing fellow students and having opportunities to meet the Kindergarten teacher, long before they start classes.”

Jane L.

“My son started attending Les Petits Pieds Preschool when he was 3½ years old; it was his first experience with preschool and he absolutely enjoyed it! We could not have handpicked better educators than Madame Maud and Madame Sylvie, they made his experience an extremely positive and rewarding one. He loved attending class and although he comes from a bilingual home, his French language skills improved greatly as well.

We as parents were extremely happy with the preschool; the small number of kids enrolled in the program allowed for an excellent student/teacher ratio with lots of personal attention to our child. We enrolled him in the 4 year old program the following school year and enjoyed the same positive experience with the educators, Madame Josée and Madame Ann. They prepared my son for Kindergarten in a fun, creative environment and he has made the transition seamlessly.

I have the utmost respect for these educators and what they do, and thank them for making my son’s first experiences with education positive ones! I will be forever greatful for the experiences he had with Les Petits Pieds Preschool, and absolutely recommend this program to families looking for an amazing start to their childs French education.”