Our Board Members

The Board is looking forward to planning new and exciting fundraising events for 2018 – 2019, but we need your help. Whether you can volunteer a little or a lot, we welcome and appreciate all contributions.

Program Director

Candace Henshaw

Jewely Sunay
Vice Chair

Kristin Pilon 

Chantal Nice
Treasurer (Bilingual)

Bobbie Jo Bezaire

Eric Henshaw

The Board is essential for the proper functioning of our preschool. The Board of Administration, composed of parent volunteers, provide the direction for this organization with the ongoing operational support of the Director. The Board includes a Program Director, Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and Directors. Depending on the position held, being a member of the Board may be demanding of your time, however, it can also be rewarding as it allows you to have a direct impact on the preschool life of your child.

The Board is elected by the members of Les Petits Pieds Preschool (the parents). When a member of the Board decides or is required to resign, a new member is elected at the Annual General Meeting that takes place in January. To ensure quality of service, the Board meets monthly.

In order to remain or become a member of the Board, your child must be enrolled at Les Petits Pieds Preschool.

Role of the Board


  • Share tasks with the Chair
  • Responsible for the preschool’s finances
  • Prepare the preschool’s financial statements
  • Prepare a budget for the upcoming year
  • Present the preschool’s financial position to parents during meetings
  • Manage the account receivables, account payables and payroll
  • Establish and maintain quality contacts with educators and parents
  • Participate in interviews and hiring of personnel
  • Maintain the quality of the program and meet all terms issued by the Government of Alberta
  • Ensure that all documents are in order (insurance, license, tax return and association)
  • Manage all responsibilities with respect to registrations
    • Respond to all external calls and emails inquiring about the program and registrations
    • Ensure that registration packages are complete and filed safely
    • Maintain an updated registry of family information
    • Maintain all spreadsheets and present to the Board and educators
    • Ensure all notices and program details are transmitted to new parents


  • Chair board meetings
  • Understand the philosophy, mission and objectives of the educational program
  • Prepare a list of tasks and assign to Board members and parent volunteers
  • Participate in the budgeting process, sign cheques and remain informed of the preschool’s finances
  • Follow-up with members of the Board and encourage active participation
  • Organize and manage fundraising, sponsorship and marketing plans in an effort to grow revenue and support operations


  • Share tasks with the Chair
  • Assist the Chair in the decision making process
  • Available to sign cheques
  • Assist with fundraising events and activities


  • File the preschool’s official documents
  • Draft meeting minutes
  • Draft and distribute meeting agendas
  • Available to answer external calls and emails with respect to registrations
  • Assist with fundraising events and activities